“Some people asked me if I wanted to go work abroad. I did, but things got complicated I never got paid. In 9 years of work I didn’t receive any money”

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In Portugal

minors pointed as presumable

Human Traffic victims

people flagged as presumable
Human Traffic victims
people confirmed as

Human Traffic victims

**Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings – Annual Report on Human Beings Traffic 2013

“I didn’t have anywhere to go. I couldn’t escape. I was treated badly and felt like a slave”

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What is Trafficking in Human Beings

Definition of Human Trafficking
Myths and Facts
Vulnerable situations to human trafficking

Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

What is?
Forced Labour
Labour Exploitation in the context of Human Trafficking
Trafficking Indicators – What to Bear in Mind

Other forms of human trafficking

Other forms of human trafficking

Project Briseis

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